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Hi, Doctor,

I have a question regarding an alcohol related incident and what it

might mean. Last night I came home after being out drinking all day

with my girlfriend. We have a wonderful relationship. Never fight,

we have done lots of traveling together, and we now live together. We

were goofing around and I hit my head on the dresser pretty hard. She

said after that I wasn't making much sense I got really mad at her,

pushed her off the bed, told her that I was moving out, and slept on

the couch. I don't remember any of this. The thing that worries me

is this same thing happened with my ex girlfriend. I was very drunk

and slipped and fell on ice and hit my shoulder and head on the

ground. I don't remember the rest of the night either, but I got

really mad at her and it scared her. I love my current girlfriend I'm

27, I live in San Diego and it important I get some answers. Anything

would help. Thanks

Chris M

ask dr-robert


These are very serious signs of alcoholism. I suggest you get help right away. See a therapist, or go to AA for advice about how to handle your drinking problem.

Be well.

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