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My name is Brooke. I am 13 years old and female. I have a friend, her name is Dasha. She is Russian. I have the biggest crush on her I have ever had before. This is my 8th month liking her..thing is, I have a gut feeling that she likes me too...she is so different with me, the way she looks at's indescribable, she gives me the "Im yours" look..she tried to hold my hand twice, and is always wanting to be around me..mostly me..alone. Before we became friends she would beg me to walk with her to where ever she had to go at the end of the school day, and soon enough it became an everyday thing. If I had to go somewhere she would walk me there. Hold doors open for me, and such. Everyone thinks we're "lesbian lovers", it's like she can't get enough of me. She shares personal stuff with me too. I can't explain this in text, it's just so hard!! She's just a different person with me! She touches my hand my arms and she touched my face once, she always just

goes the extra mile for me. She chose to spend the last hour of the last day of school with me!! And me only!! She had other friends that were in the Same class as us, but for some reason chose me. She's always trying to find ways to get me alone with her..she is always so rushed with her friends..if her and I are talking and one of her friends comes up and trys to talk, she'll talk but try to get away from them to be with's like I'm the golden prize or something..I keep going over this, but the way she does it, it's just amazing the intimate moments we have. While going through this in my head I think, friends just dont do that!!! My other friends don't. I act different with her and she acts different with me. I need help, I need an opinion from an actual doctor, I need someone to talk to. I don't have anyone. I think I'm bisexual and I wouldn't dare tell that to my strict Christian I have no one. On yahoo answers they call me bad

names or just aren't any help..I am on desperate need of help, please..I'm begging you. I need an honest answer from a real doctor that knows what he's talking about. Thanks so much I can't express how greatful I am!!!! I am so sorry it was so long!! I just put my heart into this message!! Thanks again!!

Dear Brooke--

Special feelings such as the ones you have for Dasha are part of the development of adult sexuality, and are entirely appropriate for a person of your age. Obviously Dasha is attracted to you, and you find her attentions flattering and stimulating. This does not mean that you are bisexual. In fact, apart from adolescent experiments or the acting out of jaded people who involve themselves in kinky experiences simply because they are bored with ordinary life, true bisexuality is rather rare. Most people lean one way or the other. Often, people say that they may be bisexual when really they are homosexual, but do not wish to acknowledge it.

I suggest that you allow this relationship to develop slowly, and that you remain cautious about entering into any heavy lovemaking. Let this be a time of getting to know Dasha, and getting to know more about your own sexual identity. Spend time with her, but avoid being too physical. Also, do not allow your parents' silly religious hang-ups or the numbskulls on Yahoo Answers make you feel guilty. There is nothing wrong with your feelings. They are normal, and are a part of finding your way in life as a human being with powerful sexual instincts. All of that will become clear with time. Don't rush it.

Be well.

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