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Instead of talking to you again I only have one question.

As a sociopath what jobs can I hold and function with? I grow tired

of living off others. Is the military my only options?

I cannot plan long term goals and achieve them. I lose focus as I

live in the moment. I went to college and got a two year degree but

my criminal background prevents me from getting jobs.

I believe if I don't find a way to sustain myself I will self destruct

and if I can't live why should anyone else? I don't want to end like

this but if I do it will be guns blazing and I'll take as many people

with me as possible.

I am a high anxiety sociopath that always requires high levels of

stimulation to achieve for fulfillment. Can I take something besides pot

to calm myself down? If I could calm down I know I could prevent a

self destruct.

Would it benefit me at all to admit what I am? Would they give me

medication to calm myself down or should I just continue my criminal


Hmm guess there were more questions after all.

Oh also you should know my mother is also a sociopath. She works in

the medical field, has a psychology degree and once she realized what

I am, as a child, she gave me a lot of mental training. She taught me

how I should consider consequences, understanding how other people

feel by their expressions and body gestures, manipulation, how to use

guilt and other control methods. She trained me to hide what I am and

how to blend in and feed off the emotions of others.

I am far superior to her. From her mistakes I have learned how to

seem genuine without ever giving a crap about anything.

Thank you

Oh and I live in Arizona but I have a worldly knowledge as I have

lived in many places including London, south Africa, east coast, the

north, Vacaville California and many other places.

Btw I try not to hurt people anymore.


Hello, James--

I suggest that you seek treatment with a good psychologist. That person will be able to help you with advice about what occupation might work for you (judging from your letter it would best be something stimulating and challenging—the military might work), and will be able to counsel you about possible medication which might be more effective than cannabis.

Be well.

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