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From: Thomas Lee from Seoul Korea

Regarding my son Tim Thought Disorder: 27yrs old, Finished third year in College.

1st incident: : After being felt rejected by the Campus Christian group leader, he went out to a quiet forest and lied down naked in 2004. He was sent to the State Hospital but the doctor found no serious problem. And he was discharged/

2nd incident: After he was refused by his girl friend he went into the lake, thinking baptizing by himself. He thought that the lakes was not deep but it was deep and when he felt dangerous, he shouted for help. He never intended for suicide but wanted to wash himself at the lake.

3rd incident: After he finish the third year of his college he came to Korea as an English teacher to make money. But he was not able to keep his job because whenever he felt bad against other staffs

He withdrew by himself without notice according to his impulsive feeling. He thinks that it was right to withdraw. Later he acknowledge his mistake of without notice.

4th incident: While he was staying in a dormitory he brought all the fire distinguisher in the dormitory into his room. He was rebuked by the supervisor and apologized about his mistake.

When I asked him why he didt it, He said because he was reminded a memory in the fraternity. He had experienced many things such as collecting fire distinguisher, the hell week of no sleeping for one week, and kissing on the Catholic Bible on the coffin and the skellton and two man covered with hood with spear was standing right there.

5th incident: He was being scared about the communication with some people in the Face Book He was feeling some one will be killed because of his suggestion.. He was speaking in a strange language (tongue?)

6th incident: While he was glancing at the wall painted by blue and white color without any picture, he said that he sees the Roman Catholic’s fighting against the Roman Empire

7th incident: He said that an actress’s death was due to his father (myself)

8th incident: When I asked him to see a psychiatrist, he was very angry and bumped his head on the wall. And hit his head by his fist.

9th incident: During last one year most of his life has been spent with the internet.

10th Finally he agreed to go to see the psychiatrist and has been hospitalized for one month. The doctor says that he seems psychosis, schizophrenia, and now thought disorder. He often misunderstand others according to his own negative imagination and his thinking is not organized and out of focus in communication. The medication for him is the Seroquell XR.

Dr. Robert, what is this and what shall I do? I need your wisdom. May God bless you.

Hello, Thomas Lee--

Judging from what you have told me, the diagnosis of schizophrenia seems correct. Thought disorder is simply a type of schizophrenia. Seroquell is one kind of medication used to control the symptoms of schizophrenia.

I wish I had more to tell you about this, and certainly wish that in regard to this matter I had some of the wisdom with which you credit me, but unfortunately schizophrenia is not well understood, and the treatments for it do little more than control some of the symptoms.

My one recommendation is that your son receive regular counseling and psychotherapy in addition to medication because, in my experience, ongoing contact with a skilled therapist can make a difference in helping to keep the schizophrenic person more in touch with consensual reality.

Be well.

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