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Dear Doctor Robert,

I've heard it said that when you are ready a spiritual teacher comes. Do you think that is true?

[name withheld]

Boise, Idaho

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Hello there--

Yes, in a way I do think it is true. After all, desire seeks satisfaction, and often finds it. But that is not to say that the "teacher" who comes is necessarily worth learning from.

ask dr-robert

Furthermore, even if one is fortunate come into contact with an authentically wise person instead of one of the countless charlatans who attach themselves to some tradition or another,  teaching--no matter how freely given or well-intended--can take you only so far. Beyond that, you have to suck it up and make your own living. I do not say this to discourage. In truth, I have students of my own who have come to me seeking spiritual awakening. The point is this: spiritual awakening is not a commodity which can be bought and sold like an article of commerce, nor is it a possession which can be transferred from one person to another. Non-duality is an understanding, the experience of which is beyond words. To awaken from the egoic dream requires radical honesty, great commitment, and courage. Yes, the right teacher may be able to help, but everything depends on how much of those three qualities you can bring to the situation.

Be well.


ask dr-robert

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